The Cadry family might as well be known as the first family of rugs in Australia.  

Their family business originated in 1952 by the arrival of Jacques Cadry, the family patriarch, in Sydney.  Jacques' sons Edward, and Robert grew the business into a world renown rug business and have now passed it down to their sons Mark, Ari, and Jared.  

They are models of what a great rug business should be as they are all about their customers and their family which at times become synonymous!  With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and representative showrooms in the United States, and other part of the world, the mark "Cadrys Designed Rugs" and "Florence Broadhurst" rugs are a symbol of quality and service.

 If ever in Australia, stop by in their showroom and say "G'day", and tell them Couture Knots has sent you!

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