The world of handmade area rugs has changed, and is no longer ruled only by oriental designs of the past.  Rugs are fashion for the floor, designed by artists, architects, interior and fashion designers like Jan-Kath, Florence Broadhurst, Mary McDonald, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Alexander McQueen.  They are a true expression of the client, and have become highly individualized.  

Couture Knots is the culmination of a  journey into the world of the high design and handmade area rugs.  With an appreciation for good design, and a natural ability to provide great service, Ali Nikrooz, set out to create Couture Knots.  A  showroom for Charlotte and its design community to have access to previously unavailable and exclusive custom rug lines, backed by amazing customer service, and attainable pricing.  

The highest quality wool and silk in the world can by customized by size, shape, color, texture, fiber, pile height, and budget, giving rise to  beautiful, one of a kind pieces.  These rugs are produced in mountainous regions of Nepal, Morocco, and Turkey, and knotted entirely by hand for Couture Knots, just as they have been for thousands of years.  Couture Knots' mission is to bring the work of these talented artists and artisans to our region.  Through superior quality, customer service, and exclusive design, Couture Knots seeks to educate and reinvent fine rug culture in the Southeast. We offer a huge selection of the most elegant area rugs to be found in the Charlotte, NC area. Visit our area rug store today!