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Jan Kath

Born in 1972, originally from Bochum, Germany is captivating the interior design industry creating a name, style, and brand that is raising the bar and pushing artistic abilities beyond limits. His ability to break traditional ways of seeing while throwing rules of composition out the window, allows the world to be his blank canvas finding inspiration at his finger tips.

Being born into the third generation of family carpet dealers, such innate talent resonates through his genetics. From a young age, “his experiences trained his eye and awakened a fundamental understanding of color combinations, proportions, and design” that would only mature with years to come. 

 Now, “being one of the most important carpet designers on the international stage, his carpets can be found everywhere-in the homes of Arabian Royalty, in the villa of rock star Anthony Kiedis, in private suites at the “Four Seasons” in Cairo, and in the most luxurious yachts owned by multinational oil conglomerates.” 

“Combining classical elements with a contemporary minimalist design,” we anxiously await the next bold yet exquisite handcrafted masterpiece Jan Kath will create. 

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